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How to buy fake NAU diploma? Where to get a fake National American University transcript? How long to get fake National American University diploma? Buy diploma online. Buy Bachelor of Arts diploma.  National American University (NAU) is a private for-profit online university located at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Still Joint Base Charleston and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. NAU is owned by National University Holdings, Inc. (NAUH).  But  the university’s headquarters are located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Henry Putnam School of Strategic Security (formerly Henry Putnam University) is part of the National University of America.

But the Henry Portnan School of Strategic Security; and the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School. Provide more than 100 associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate and certificate programs. Most academic programs at NAU are in an 11-week quarterly system and start every month. Still It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission

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